"Faithful" quotes

It took us 30 weeks to work through the book of 1 Corinthians in a series we called “Faithful”, where we saw the ongoing faithfulness of Jesus demonstrated in grace to a remarkably unfaithful people (like us!). Here are ten of our favorite quotes from the series:

"The gospel changes our identity, and our identity is different even though our behavior and our movement don’t always reflect that."

“We need to wake up and pay attention to the culture around us. Because the same grace that has been given so freely to you and me is available to everyone outside the walls of the church, and someone needs to tell them that. And that someone is us.”

"The problem is not how much of the Holy Spirit you have; the problem is, how much of you does the Holy Spirit have?"

"If I come to church on a Sunday morning saying, 'I really hope that the pastor tells me what to do and gives me a checklist or three easy steps for my Christian life this week,' God would tell us: grow up!"

"Jesus is truly better than all of the things that we oftentimes believe—the lies, or the ways that we put ourselves on the throne."

"Although marriage doesn't exist for your fulfillment, it points to it. Marriage is the picture that God gave us to try to help us make sense of the beauty, and the wonder, and the magnitude of what Jesus accomplished in saving the church."

"God may give you something just so you can lay it down."

"Human wholeness comes not by denying God's design but by conforming to it."

"When we see the cost with which Jesus loved us, then we are able to love in costly ways."

"We need God for everything and yet he is everything that we need."

"We are resurrection people, and it has been granted to us to walk in joy and freedom and victory and salvation and life in the name of Jesus Christ! Death has no claim on us, no power over us, because Jesus has defeated death, has killed death, and has removed its sting!"